Atlantic Fishing Spots

While, not exact positions, here’s some spots that have been long time favorites and always sure to hold plenty of fish.

The Wall

Heading out this deep will usually put us in the Gulf Stream.  As with all fishing, lines, edges, and anomalies will generally hold fish.  The wall is famous for holding some of the biggest fish ever caught.  Fished by legends like Hemingway and many others, these waters almost never disappoint!

The Humps

A ways out past the reef there is a favorite spot of the local fisherman called “The Humps”.  The ocean floor has swelled up within a small area and so got it’s name.  The swells create uplifts of current and bait, weedlines are readily formed, and those weedlines hold plenty of bait fish, which of course pull in our target species!

Reef Fishing

Reef fishing is a favorite past time, you can pull up plenty of Yellow Tail, a variety of Snapper, and we still pull plenty of Grouper when they’re in season.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate for going deep, the reef is a very acceptable alternative to catch a very nice meal.

End of the Bar

The “Bar” is a long reef line that is deeper and a little farther out than what most consider “the reef”.   The main reef drops to about 90 feet and then comes back up to as little as 30 feet just another half mile to the South.  This second reef runs East to West just like the main reef, with breaks in it, which is why many don’t consider it “the reef”.  However, where the West end of this reef ends, is known as “End of the Bar” and it’s the first place the warm waters of the gulf start flowing over the reef of the keys.  Well known for Tuna and Sailfish, many other pelagic species frequent this up welling during their migrations.  There is a submarine in 250′ feet of water that is almost always good for a large Amber Jack as well!

Dry Tortugas

The Jurassic park of fishing.  The Dry Tortuga’s has all the same types of fish found elsewhere in the Keys, they’re just a lot bigger!  Drifting to the South of the park in 100′ of water will result in an unbelievable Mutton bite, or anchor up just South of the park line on some incredible reef structure and tear up the Grouper, Snapper, Triggers, and Porgies.  The Dry Tortuga’s never disappoints!