Gulf Fishing Spots

These aren’t exact coordinates, but it’ll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on the Can’t Fish Enough when fishing the Gulf side.

Gulf Wrecks

There are several wrecks in the Gulf that are abundant with fish.  Large Cobia are known to hang out around the dozens of charted and uncharted structures.

New Grounds

Known for giant Hog Fish, the New Grounds don’t get many visitors.  It’s a just hair outside of what most small craft are comfortable traveling too.  However, once you get there, the water is shallow enough to snorkel or dive on.

Dry Tortugas

The Gulf side of the Dry Tortugas is loaded with plenty of fish.  Anchor up and Yellow Tail for some of the biggest flags you’ve ever seen.  Troll for Grouper along the drops, or drift fish to find something new.

Pulley Ridge

This is the Mack Daddiest of all the fishing places in the Gulf of Mexico!  Scientist discovered Pulley Ridge as the deepest known living coral reef in the world.  Drops from 150 to 600 feet in a very short distance are common, fish gravitate and thrive in this area, and best of all, it’s off limits to commercial fisherman!  Here is a video of my first trip back in late 2014.  We have made multiple trips back, learning the ropes and getting better and better spots.  If you’re interested in this type of fishing, please use the contact page or give me a call.  We’ll make it happen!